She is deeply connected to her womb, her menstrual cycles, her menstrual blood. She lives in alignment with these cycles, scheduling her day, her exercise, her nutrition, according to where she is in her menstrual phase. And if she’s not bleeding, she knows that she always holds on to the womb wisdom within her.
You can spot a womb whisperer because she always wears comfortable clothes that gives her yoni room to breathe. You’ll never catch her in super tight restricted jeans. She’s attracted to sacred reds and rich earth tones that allow her to connect to the womb that we live in. You may catch her slowly circling her hips and creating sacred symbols with her hands, then resting in a deep squat connected to Earth. She is deeply connected to Mama Gaia and knows the womb knows the way.
She knows that the womb carries the codes to create life and it is the sacred hologram of all things. Whenever she is lost and confused, she asks her womb to guide the way. She is deeply enamored by the beautiful flower of the vulva and loves to deeply connect with women to talk about all things birthing, whether it’s birthing children or creations.
She works with her menstrual blood and isn’t afraid of it. She considers herself to be a witch- one whose magic is her own female form. She knows the womb guides the way and she is willing to do the deep inner healing work to help release the pain and trauma both from this lifetime, past lives and her ancestral lineage, for her to bring clearing and healing to her sacred womb space and to heal from the patriarchal wounds throughout history.
She knows her sensuality is sacred and isn’t afraid of it. She enjoys being in the orgasmic flow of life and creates from pleasure, rather than pain and struggle. She loves candles, roses, fragrant oils, self-pleasure tools and has an altar of beauty.
She sees the womb as a sacred cauldron within, a space where she can create and foster new ideas, whether it’s life or ideas to be birthed through.
If you received the Womb Whisperer Archetype as a result of this quiz, it means that you could benefit from honoring your womb as you connect deeper with your sacred feminine energy.

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