Welcome Home Sister.

This is Rose Gold Goddesses led by Sahara Rose.  

A divine feminine mystery school

Where connecting to the womb, breath + body are your curriculum

Where the ancient ways of the sacred feminine are honored, cherished and shared

Where you are supported and held by a community of soul sisters who are on the same spiritual path as you 

In an online global community, uniting queens around the world

          Become a Rose Gold Goddess           

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What if I told you....

That you don’t have to experience this Quarantine alone

But rather spend it engaging with people who want to talk about ALL the spiritual things with you

From finding your purpose to Ayurveda to moon cycles to rituals to entrepreneurship

What if I told you....

That instead of scrolling through countless IG/ FB Lives and webinars with barely any content

You could have access to the EXACT content you desire for more abundance, clarity, purpose, freedom, creativity, embodiment and expression your life.

This is what's waiting for you in Rose Gold Goddesses.

It’s Time To Be Part of the Community You’ve Been Longing For

  • Each month, you will have a deep intention, anchoring in your energetic connection with the goddesses through this group. 
  • By the end of the year, you will have accessed twelve goddess archetypes within yourself, fostering your relationship with your most obvious goddess connections and embodying those that may feel less familiar with you to come back into wholeness, as you are all of the goddesses in human form.  
  • You will have access to thousands of dollars worth of content, workshops, and more!
  • You’ll connect with fellow goddesses with likeminded interests, beliefs and energy in a global sisterhood, as well as making real-life friendships with those in your community.  
  • You will have the incredibly valuable resource of working with the Goddess archetypes, which will serve you for the rest of your life and will be passed down to your children, relatives and grandchildren.  
  • You have the opportunity to be highlighted, celebrated and supported in monthly shares, wins and collaborative opportunities.  
  • You will have a support system that you can fall back on to guide you through this entire journey of becoming your highest self.  
  • You will be inspired, motivated and encouraged to live the life of your dreams.  

Hi I’m Sahara Rose, creatrix of Rose Gold Goddesses  

I created Rose Gold Goddesses because I know how it feels to long for a connection.  

I yearned for a sisterhood of women to support me in my highest expression, and me theirs.  

I will be honest with you, I used to be REALLY lonely.  

As the new girl in a big city where I knew no one and also had no job to meet people (imagine moving from a hut in India/ Bali to the city of LA), I didn’t have a community that understood me. I didn’t have a sisterhood to support me. It was just me, myself, and my chakras.

It was eye opening to me.  

We all desire connection and friendship. But my desire went deeper.

And I had no one to share my deepest thoughts with. I wanted to dance and howl under the moon. I didn’t just want wine nights. Nope. I wanted to pull cards and discuss their meanings.

I wanted to sit in a sister circle, creating elixirs and potions. I wanted a tribe of strong women. To explore, hike, pray, meditate. Join shamanic gatherings and yoga festivals. Twerk. Create with. I wanted a safe space, to explore the deepest parts of this divine journey. 

THIS is life as a Rose Gold Goddess!

I want you to imagine a life in which….  

You are fully supported by your tribe. You have a group of likeminded women who understand you, have your back and want the best for you. No comparison, no competition, no judgement… ALL love and support.  

You have intuitive guidance. You are able to tap into your own intuition to answer any questions that arise, steering you away from negative situations that don’t serve your highest potential and guiding you to the opportunities and people who do.  

You embody the Goddess that you truly are. No more playing small, minimizing your worth or letting people take advantage of you. You have fully stepped into the Goddess that you are and embody the radiance, strength, sensuality, playfulness, fierceness, abundance and beauty that you truly are.  

You’re a Manifesting Machine. You wake up each morning living the EXACT life that you chose. You have time for your self-care and creativity. You are doing work that MATTERS in society. You are using all your gifts, every single day. You have the abundance to support the life of your dreams. You have the career, house, friends, man, etc... but most importantly, you have a deep connection with your soul and inner purpose that fulfills you more than any material possession.  

You Are Blissed The F Out. You spend your weekends ecstatic dancing, sitting in cacao ceremonies, attending sound-baths and meditating with your new sisters. You have a tribe of women who you can laugh and moon circle and yoga with. You have fully stepped into your WORTH and life has drastically changed for you. You have up-leveled in all areas of your life, from career to friendships to financials to relationships to self-care to health to creativity.  

All because you said YES to yourself.  

When we aren’t nestled up at home, we’re meeting up at live events around the world!

This IS for you, my spiritual soul sista!  

I know things are crazy.

There feels like there’s a million things more important than being part of a conscious online community.

But I want you to remember your energy creates your reality.

It is more important NOW than EVER before to get the support you need to rise up into your Highest Self and take care of your soul.

If we look around us and are surrounded by fear, anxiety and stress.. That’s what we’ll pick up on.

If we go into the Rose Gold Goddesses app and are filled with positivity, high vibrations, inspiration and connection.. That’s how we’ll feel.

It is more important now than ever before to be part of Rose Gold Goddesses (and I created this community last year!)

Frankly, now that I see what has happened in the world, I understand WHY my guides instructed me to create this online, high vibe, spiritual sisterhood.

To support us in this very moment.

You owe it to yourself to take care of your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.

Your life is a reflection of your vibration.

Yes there are expenses that have popped up, maybe payments you’re not sure about.

But the one thing you can ALWAYS be sure about, no matter what happens, is that

YOUR personal wellbeing matters MOST. That is your non-negotiable.  

And this is exactly what you'll receive in Rose Gold Goddesses, the largest online community of spiritual soul sisters.

Keep reading, sister! There is MAGIC here.

You deserve support, community and high vibrational content to bring you back into alignment in this massive global transformation we are in

You do not have to do this Quarantine/ life/ spiritual journey thing alone.

There are 2000 women in Rose Gold Goddesses (including your future besties) waiting to support you through this journey

I'm talking share our favorite healthy quarantine recipes/ DIY tips, discuss what we are going through and meditate/ tap/ journal/ dance our way back into alignment.

We are going through the largest awakening in human history and the community of Goddess Go-Getters, Ayurveda Lovers, Mystical Mamas, Manifesting Mavens, Yogi Queens, Good Witches and Intuitive Priestesses in this group are guiding the path forward.



Use the Rose Gold Goddesses app to meet up with spiritual sisters in YOUR city (post quarantine, of course!)

Each month, we add more and more content to our archive of Workshops content on the RGG platform.  

These workshops are private for RGG Members Only and always available on the RGG platform for goddesses. Current + upcoming Workshops include:

  • My “Awaken Your Powers” Masterclass with Shaman Durek (Value of $495)
  • My $ Money Magic 5 Week Program (Value of $499)
  • Guided Shamanic Meditation with Rockstar Shaman Alyson Charles (Value of $295)
  • Manifesting Abundance and Embodying Your Inner Queen with Gina Devee (Value of $295)
  • Healing your Relationship with Food by Samantha Skelly of Hungry for Happiness (Value of $175)
  • How to Have a Cacao Ceremony at Home with Christine Olivia (Value of $99)
  • Rituals & Magic with Cassandra Bodzak (Value of $35)
  • Goddess Dance Activation/ 5Elements with Sahara and Malaika (Value of $99)
  • How to Read Vedic Astrological Chart with Laura Plumb (Value of $285)
  • Lunar Abundance Rituals with Ezzie Spencer (Value of $250)
  • Goddess Kali/ Tantra Deep-Dive with Chandresh Bhardwaj (Value of $495)
  • and so so many more! 

These workshops alone are worth more than the cost of a year long membership to the Rose Gold Goddesses community! 

What do HEALING and DANCE have to do with one another? EVERYTHING!

In this 3.5-hour workshop, I dive deep into why ecstatic dance is medicine and has been for thousands of years.. and more importantly, why it has been suppressed from our society today.

I speak about how dance is the most important practice for healing our root and sacral chakra energies and how to get into your body if you feel totally disconnected.

We explore the history of shaking, twerking, and belly dance and get real about the colonialism and patriarchy that have suppressed this form of ancient healing and art.

I offer dance prompts so you can explore the unique dance that seeks to come through your body.

This is NOT about choreography but rather going DEEP into the medicine of ecstatic, cathartic, free-form dance and how it brings us to our fullest expression.

Recommended that you watch the healing and embodiment videos first!Come join me and let's dance it out, goddesses!

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Are you craving connection with others who understand energy?

We all know what it feels like when you start to step into your spiritual path. Sometimes family, friends, and even significant others just don’t get it. You can feel isolated, lonely, and crave a community that cheers you on, ESPECIALLY in this time where you feel so alone. 

Think about how amazing it will feel to be fully supported and free to be YOU.

There is NO feeling like being supported by a tribe of women. 

Sister, does this sound like you?  

  • You listen to the Highest Self Podcast and long for girlfriends who also listen to discuss episodes with 
  • You struggle with finding sisters who support and share your vision  
  • You long for a form of personal development that’s feminine, fun and engaging, without the rigidity of typical coaches  
  • You are trying to find your Dharma (life purpose) but are struggling without support and direction  
  • You long for a tribe of fellow queens who have your BACK  
  • You have so many questions about the spiritual path and nowhere to turn to  
  • You aren’t supported by family or friends because they don’t understand your spiritual journey  
  • You’ve sucked up all the free content out there but want something more personalized to help you reach the next level of your life, business, relationships and inner peace  
  • You soak up every new crystal, oracle card, yoga flow, and moon cycle with joy
  • You crave to meet-up with people in REAL life and have deep conversations about all the woo woo topics  
  • You don’t have the money for one-on-one coaching but want more support  
  • You’re drawn to the goddesses and would like to integrate their teachings into your life  
  • You’re ready to explore a new side of yourself
  • You are the spiritual/ inspirational friend in your group of friends and are sick of being the only one motivating others to become their highest selves
  • You’re an entrepreneur growing a spiritual biz and want to work with other like minded women  

If just reading these words gets you lit up, then you are in the right place, dear one.

I am so excited to connect you with your new best friends, the women who will have your back for lifetimes to come.  

And I am so excited to have you in my life as well.  

This is a collective, a team, a sisterhood.  

We’re going to dance, ritual, picnic, yoga, sound-bath, meditate, pray, write, dream and so much more.  

But most importantly, we’re going to support each other on the path to becoming our highest expressions. Because that’s what sisterhood is all about.

In a world where people may think you’re crazy for being on your spiritual journey, Rose Gold Goddesses feels like an exhale. You’re home, queen. 

And I have even MORE to offer you, queen! 

We will be connecting on our very own APP!

NO Facebook groups, random private chat groups, or fifty emails to follow.  

But we WILL HAVE geolocation options so you can find a soul sister near you.

And don’t forget about the high vibe forums that will directly connect you with the people and topics YOU care about, from Ayurveda to shamanism to moon cycles to magic.  

Imagine Instagram without the likes/ comments/ comparison, WITH all the support, love and community!

Oh and don’t let me forget….  

Each month, a goddess will be channeled whose energies we will explore, ritualize and embody.  

We will be working with goddesses from the Vedic, Egyptian, Celtic, Yoruba, Roman, Greek, Persian, Mayan and other lineages, giving you a well-versed understanding of multicultural goddess archetypes. 

and many more goddesses throughout the year.

Each month, the channeled goddess will find her way in your life, blessing you with her sacred medicine.  

You will have a deeper understanding and connection to the most ancient archetypes that live on within us today and develop wisdom and essential tools for growth that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Ready to change your life? Join us, sister. 

Want a sneak peek into life on the Rose Gold Goddesses community?

The platform is chock FULL of epic spiritual content, exclusively created by myself and other spiritual leaders, designed to bring you closer towards your highest self and support you on the journey towards doing your dharma.  

This is a Divine Feminine Mystery School  

You’ll be part of a sisterhood that spans the globe, facilitating connections with your fellow goddesses who live nearby.  

You can only go as far as your tribe.  

It’s Time to Be Celebrated and Supported  

You’ll have the opportunity to be spotlighted to the entire community and share your business, passion or project!  

Each month, via our very own community newspaper, The Goddess Gazette, as well as our Member Led Workshops, we will be highlighting your wins, businesses, books and ventures, offering you the opportunity to be displayed to thousands of women — who have your back and are ready to support you!  

In a world where people may think you’re crazy for being on your spiritual journey, Rose Gold Goddesses feels like an exhale. You’re home, queen.

Let’s Talk Money Honey

Most other groups offering similar support are $250+ a month.  

I wanted to create something that was accessible to all who genuinely have an interest in diving into the goddess work and being part of this community.  

I remember being in my early 20s, wishing I had a community, but not being able to afford any coaching or online programs because most offerings cost thousands of dollars.  

For this reason, despite this community being so incredibly valuable that I could easily charge hundreds of dollars per month, I want to make this group available for womxn out there, just like me, longing for support but unable to financially afford a coach or online program.  

This is why I’ve made Rose Gold Goddess accessible to ALL who genuinely want to join.  

True enlightenment, purpose, community and growth shouldn’t have a high price tag.  

With a Rose Gold Goddess Membership, you receive:

  • Exclusive Rose Gold Goddesses app with 2000 spiritual soul sisters already engaging in the highest vibe spiritual convos
    Value $360
  • LIVE monthly virtual Goddess circle lead by me, Sahara Rose, each month tapping into a new Goddess archetype and how she relates to our lives Value $2400
  • Monthly Goddess E-Book with journal prompts, rituals, meditations, relatable info and playlists related to each month’s goddess.. finally deep Goddess content that relates to YOUR life! Value $360
  • Biweekly Live Goddess Practices to hold you accountable on your journey
    Value $495
  • Biweekly Expert + Member led Workshops with your favorite Highest Self Podcast Guests + fellow Goddesses Value $3000
  • Opportunity for YOU to lead your own workshop, share your events and be featured in our monthly Goddess Gazette to thousands of like minded women
    Value: Priceless, in terms of catered exposure to your target audience
  • Local Goddess groups to meet-up, circle and dance with Goddesses in your community Value $1000  
  • My masterclasses and talks, including “Awaken Your Powers Masterclass” with Shaman Durek, “How to Discover your Dharma” course, live talk at Google, Ayurveda 101, Goddess Dance Activation + 5 Elements Shamanic Dance Activation and more Value $1400  
  • Dharma + Entrepreneurial Support Groups and opportunity to create your own Dharma Support Masterminds (meet your next biz partner here!)
    Value $2000  
  • Access to the entire previous years of Goddess circles, courses, e-books, workshops, expert guests, meditations, journal prompts, rituals
    Value: $349.99
  • Opportunity to participate in the Rose Gold Goddesses Facilitator Training to learn how to host your own Goddess Circles in the Rose Gold Goddesses Framework Value: One of a kind  
  • The LARGEST and most HIGH VIBE community of spiritual soul sisters in the world with thousands of members.. Value: Priceless

Total Value: $5,000+

However, because I want to make this group accessible to the woman out there just getting started on her dharma and looking for community, I dropped the price down… drastically. 

Your Investment:
(a once-annual payment that breaks down to less than $1 a day, or $29 a month
so you can commit to blossoming into your Highest Self

We’re annual only because we want to cultivate a dedicated community people who are committed to sustaining change.

 We know what it’s like hopping in and out of memberships and never truly feeling any shifts from it, which is why we’ve created Rose Gold Goddesses to be an annual container where you will be guided through 12 unique archetypes, cultivating the various aspects of you throughout the year, from your intuition to your sense of purpose, to your sensuality, to your abundance

 While most memberships only provide you with content (often only meditations), but Rose Gold Goddesses offers you in-depth courses (which is worth THOUSANDS) PLUS a super supportive social network of 2000+ spiritual soul sisters to be on this mission with you (which is PRICELESS!)

 Trust us when you see the incredible content + community offered to you in Rose Gold Goddesses.. you’ll feel like you finally reciceved the support you’ve been wishing for!

Rose Gold Goddesses brings those women into your life, women who you may never have crossed paths with in your everyday life. The women are your soul sisters, here to uplift you, inspire you, and have your back. 

Member Offer

We are building a community that is here to stay.

Annual Membership

  • Join us for just $349.99 a year
    (a once-annual payment that breaks down to less than $1 a day, or $29 a month)
    so you can commit to blossoming into your Highest Self

Plus as a limited time offer, I am throwing in: 

  • My 5-Week $ Money Magic Program (Value of $497)
  •  My 3 Day Kitchari Cleanse e-book,  

You'll receive $639 in bonuses alone just by joining

Special Limited
Time Bonus

As a sacred gift and a special thank you for becoming a member and dedicating yourself to being an incredible part of the Rose Gold Goddess community, I will gift you my entire Sex Money Magic 5-Week Course with Alexandra Roxo (Value $497) FREE.

Offer available for a limited time only!

Your Annual Membership Breaks Down to Only $29 a Month!

Would you pay $29 to meet a new best friend each month?
Would you pay $29 to be continually supported by a sisterhood of women?
Would you pay $29 for more ritual, ceremony and spirituality in your life?
Would you pay $29 to embody the goddesses you are?
Would you pay $29 to become your highest self?

I sure hope so, sisterqueen! (Because you are worth a LOT more than that!) 
There is NO better offer than this for the value you will receive in Rose Gold Goddesses.
PLUS $639 in bonuses!

I’m calling all the real ones. Are you one of them?  

If you are ready to transform your life with the wisdom of the Goddesses and connect with your siStars, then get your goddess butt in here, queen! We need you in our coven!

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Become a Rose Gold Goddess Today Elevate your life. Find your sister tribe. Pursue your purpose. Connect with the inner goddess within.