Welcome to Rose Gold Goddesses, led by Sahara Rose.  

          Become a Rose Gold Goddess           

Are you ready to:

  • Lead from your divine feminine, honoring your intuitive wisdom?
  • Magnetize your dreams + desires (because you don't have to chase them, honey!)
  • Make sacred ritual part of your life
  • Do less + receive more
  • Create with ease, not burnout
  • Integrate your playful energy in your career
  • Tune into your intuition with ease
  • Channel your creative visions into reality
  • Find inspiration, grounding, alignment + flow
  • Embrace your sacred sensuality
  • Tune into your heart + womb’s wisdom
  • Be supported by other spiritual soul sisters
  • Live a life where you have time and space for your purpose + pleasures
  • Live a life in alignment with your dharma, soul’s purpose?

Then Rose Gold Goddesses is for you, sister queen!

You are evolving and no longer resonating with the grind and hustle culture we've been accustomed into

You've realized we are much more than minds and bodies to improve, but rather souls to know

And that you are an entire ocean, of which you've only known a drop of.

You are craving an approach to spirituality that invites the WHOLE you...

That embraces your divine feminine

That is embodied in its approach

That celebrates rather than condescends

That is playful, expressive, and joyful

That dances to the beat of your own drum

That sees your body as an instrument of the divine

That is ancient + sacred, just like your soul.

This is awaiting you in Rose Gold Goddesses.

I created Rose Gold Goddesses because I believe in the new paradigm of divine feminine leadership.

Where we are honoring our intuitive wisdom, moon + menstrual cycles and the creative magic that is channeling through us.

Where our bodies are sacred vessels for our highest selves.

Where we birth our creations through ease, joy and fluidity.

Where burnout is a word of the past.

We can only create as much as we receive.  

The old paradigm of hustle, grind + competition is over.

It's time for us to gather in sacred ritual the way our ancestors have for thousands of years.

Taking a collective pause to tune into our internal wisdom so we can take aligned action from a place of deep knowing.

As someone who has created so much (three best-selling books all with forewords by Deepak Chopra, the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes, Highest Self, spoken at international stages around the world) people often ask me the secret to my success.

It's this. Leading from my divine feminine wisdom.

And, in Rose Gold Goddesses, I'll be teaching you how to connect with your eternal truth so you can be the bridge for the creations seeking to come through you and live a life in complete alignment with your dharma, your soul's purpose.

Queen, does this sound like you?  

  • You are an entrepreneur, corporate queen or professional looking to tap into your intuitive, creative essence
  • You long for a form of personal development that’s feminine, fun and engaging, without the rigidity of typical masculine coaches  
  • You are on the journey of discovering your dharma (soul's purpose)
  • You crave more ritual, ceremony and magic in your life
  • You are wanting to do business in a different way, in alignment with your natural feminine cycles and from a place of ease + flow
  • You’re ready to explore a new side of yourself
  • You are the spiritual/ inspirational friend in your group of friends and are sick of being the only one motivating others to become their highest selves
  • You know there is a way of living and creating that is feminine, playful and rejuvenating, and wanting support to tap into this essence 

If just reading these words lights you up, then you are in the right place, dear one.

The old masculine paradigm of hustle, grind and burn-out is over.

It's time to lead with our divine feminine womb wisdom, our sacred knowing, and offer our seeds of joy, creativity and magic to the world.

Only when we allow ourselves to receive can we channel the next iteration of our dharma, our soul's purpose.

This is calling my name!

THIS is life as a Rose Gold Goddess!

I want you to imagine a life in which….  

You are leading from your divine feminine.
You honor your body's natural cycles and know you can actually create your highest visions with greater ease and flow when you're living in alignment with them. Your business, dharma and career are in alignment with your creativity.

You have intuitive guidance.
You are able to tap into your own intuition to answer any questions that arise, steering you away from negative situations that don’t serve your highest potential and guiding you to the opportunities and people who do.  You know that for the feminine, our house of intuition is in our womb's and can connect with her sacred wisdom.

You embody the Goddess that you truly are. No more playing small, minimizing your worth or letting people take advantage of you. You have fully stepped into the Goddess that you are and embody the radiance, strength, sensuality, playfulness, fierceness, abundance and beauty that you truly are.  

You’re a Manifesting Machine.
You have created a reality in complete alignment with who you are. You wake up each morning living the EXACT life that you chose. You value your creativity like you do your productivity and are handsomely rewarded for your wisdom. You are living your dharma and raising the vibration of the planet. You have the abundance to support the life of your dreams. And you do it through your divine feminine magic.

You are fully supported by your tribe.
You have a group of likeminded women who understand you, have your back and want the best for you. No comparison, no competition, no judgement… ALL love and support.  

You Are Blissed The F Out.
Gone are the days where you're too burnt out to enjoy your life. Your pleasure is your priority. You spend your time practicing sacred rituals, manifesting on the full moon, singing, dancing and painting your own reality. You are surrounded by women who get you on a soul level. You have fully stepped into your WORTH and life has drastically changed for you. You have up-leveled in all areas of your life, from career to friendships to financials to relationships to self-care to health to creativity.  

All because you said yes to yourself.  

When we aren’t nestled up at home, we’re meeting up at live events around the world!

The New Highlight of Your Month - the Rose Gold Goddess Circle

Each month, sit in sacred ceremony and bring ritual, magic and self-love back into your life.

We dance, meditate, journey, journey, celebrate and receive our way back to wholeness.

This is YOUR time to fill up your cup and bring sacredness back into your busy life.

We are often joined by healers, medicine women, shamans + musicians to nourish you on the mind, body and spirit level.

These monthly sacred circles will quickly become the highlight of your month and transform you from the inside out. You'll be vibrating so high after and manifesting a life in alignment with your inner radiance.

Monthly Sacred Circles include:

Womb Medicine Circle + Meditative Dance Journey with Shaman Malaika
Your sacred doing + dharma with Green Tara
Receiving more
and setting boundaries with grace with Hathor
Abundance mindset with Lakshmi
Aligned action and enhancing courage with Durga
Tapping into your sensuality with Lalita Sundari
Connecting with your womb wisdom with Ixchel
Tuning into your creativity with Saraswati

the mother wound with Cerridwen
Being compassionate with yourself with Quan Yin
Ease + flow with Yemaya
Transformation with Kali Ma
New Beginnings with Brigid
Sacred Activism + Rage with Sekhmet
Magick + Alchemy with Isis
Freedom, fun + water rituals with Lemuria
Feminine embodiment + creating transformation beyond words with Shakti
Connecting with Earth wisdom with Gaia
Understanding who you are through your womb with the Four Womb Elements

You will be given practices, journal prompts and meditations to deepen your connection with the theme of the month.

Each month you will dive deeper into a new area, weaving a holistic life where you are balanced in both your yin and yang energies, birthing your aligned reality with ease, abundance and joy.

You will also be given access to the full sacred library of all 20+ Goddess Circles we have ever done since Rose Gold Goddesses was birthed in September 2019 so you can deepen your learnings between live Goddess Circles.

Here are some of the Goddess Circles you'll immediately have access to upon joining!

I'd Love To Try A Goddess Circle!

And that's not all. Upon joining, you'll immediately be able to begin your divine feminine transformation with aligned courses and masterclasses on the mind, body and spirit level.

Healing & Embodiment Through Dance

In this 3.5-hour workshop, I dive deep into why ecstatic dance is medicine and has been for thousands of years.. This is NOT about choreography but rather going DEEP into the medicine of ecstatic, cathartic, free-form dance and how it brings us to our fullest expression.

Value ($399)

“Awaken Your Powers” Masterclass with Shaman Durek

Learn to emerge as an authentic leader in the new paradigm and break through the perceived blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you playing small. Fully rise up into your power, embodying your Doshic constitution and energetic blueprint

(Value of $495)

  • Guided Shamanic Meditation with Rockstar Shaman Alyson Charles (Value of $295)
  • Manifesting Abundance and Embodying Your Inner Queen with Gina Devee (Value of $295)
  • Healing your Relationship with Food by Samantha Skelly of Hungry for Happiness (Value of $175)
  • How to Have a Cacao Ceremony at Home with Christine Olivia (Value of $99)
  • Rituals & Magic with Cassandra Bodzak (Value of $35)
  • Goddess Dance Activation/ 5Elements with Sahara and Malaika (Value of $99)
  • How to Read Vedic Astrological Chart with Laura Plumb (Value of $285)
  • Lunar Abundance Rituals with Ezzie Spencer (Value of $250)
  • Goddess Kali/ Tantra Deep-Dive with Chandresh Bhardwaj (Value of $495)
  • and so so many more! 

These workshops alone are worth more than the cost of a year long membership to the Rose Gold Goddesses community! 

Rose Gold Goddesses is so much more than a mystery school.. it's a community.

One of our Rose Gold Goddesses meet-ups in NYC!

Want a sneak peek into life on the Rose Gold Goddesses community?

The platform is chock FULL of epic spiritual content, exclusively created by myself and other spiritual leaders, designed to bring you closer towards your highest self and support you on the journey towards doing your dharma.  

The most magical conversations

All the topics YOU love! Spirituality, dharma, Ayurveda, meditation, astrology, motherhood, Human Design, self-care, healing, sensuality and SOUL much more!

Sit in Live Virtual Sacred Circles

Monthly live sacred circles that will become the highlight of your month. You'll work with a specific theme each month, from flow to purpose, and through celebration, joy and ease, bring that energy into your life.

Dharma Support Circles

A Dharma Support Circle is essentially a mastermind to support you in living your soul’s purpose. You’ll be connected with a group of three other women (four total) and choose a time to meet every two weeks to support each other in living your dharmas. This is a safe space where you can discuss ideas, talk about your wins, share your fears and get support on your journey.

Imagine how far you’ll go this year meeting with a consistent group of three spiritual, heart-centered women to support you in living your soul’s purpose.

You’ll channel ideas you would have never thought about before, come up with strategies and find ways to create revenue for yourself you could have never thought about without this safe and supportive space.

The value of this alone is worth over 1-year of the membership and is just one of the MANY valuable assets you’ll receive in Rose Gold Goddesses.

Transformational curated masterclasses, courses & workshops!

Dance, breathwork, journaling, plant care, cacao circles, new moon circles, astrology, manifestation, Akashic records, mysticism, yogic sciences, Human Design. Whatever spiritual topic you're interested in, we got it. Each month we hold two live virtual workshops that are then added to our sacred library of dozens from past months! So no matter where you are in the world, you wont be missing out.

Our own app!

We will be connecting on our very own app! NO Facebook groups, random private chat groups, or fifty emails to follow. But we WILL HAVE geolocation options so you can find a soul sister near you. Imagine Instagram without the pressure or comparison, WITH all the support, love and community!

Be celebrated & supported

You’ll have the opportunity to be spotlighted to the entire community and share your business, passion or project!  

Each month, via our very own community newspaper, The Goddess Gazette, as well as our Member Led Workshops, we will be highlighting your wins, businesses, books and ventures, offering you the opportunity to be displayed to thousands of women — who have your back and are ready to support you!

I remember wishing I had a community, but not being able to afford any coaching or online programs because most offerings cost thousands of dollars. For this reason, I wanted to make this group available for womxn out there, just like me, longing for support but unable to financially afford a coach or online program.  

This is why I've made Rose Gold Goddesses accessible to all who genuinely have an interest in diving into the goddess work and being part of this community.  

True enlightenment, purpose, community and growth shouldn’t have a high price tag.  

With a Rose Gold Goddess Membership, you receive:

  • LIVE Monthly virtual Sacred Circle led by me, Sahara Rose, each month tapping into new Divine Feminine Theme, such as Womb Wisdom, Sacred Receiving, Divine Action, Creativity, Abundance and Dharma, plus access to entire library of 20+ Goddess Circles in the past
    Value $3600
  • Monthly Goddess Guide with journal prompts, rituals, meditations, relatable info and playlists related to each month’s goddess.. finally deep Goddess content that relates to YOUR life! Value $360
  • Monthly Live Goddess Practices to hold you accountable on your journey with our Rose Gold Goddesses Coach
    Value $1500
  • Exclusive Rose Gold Goddesses app with 2000+ spiritual soul sisters already engaging in the highest vibe spiritual convos
    Value $360
  • Local Goddess groups to meet-up, mastermind, adventure and circle with Goddesses in your community Value: Most masterminds that connect people are in the thousands.
  • My masterclasses and talks, including “Awaken Your Powers Masterclass” with Shaman Durek, live talk at Google, Ayurveda 101, Goddess Dance Activation + 5 Elements Shamanic Dance Activation and more Value $1400  
  • Sacred Library with the all of the previous sacred circles, courses, e-books, workshops, expert guests, meditations, journal prompts, rituals
    Value: $1200
  • Monthly Expert + Member led Workshops with your favorite Highest Self Podcast Guests + fellow Goddesses Value $3000
  • Opportunity for YOU to lead your own workshop, share your events and be featured in our monthly Goddess Gazette to thousands of like minded women
    Value: Thousands, as you will have gain exposure to 2000 members of your target audience
  • Dharma Support Circles to hold space and support you as you find your dharma with a group of likeminded high vibe women!
    Value: Most masterminds are in the thousands pricepoint.
  • The LARGEST and most HIGH VIBE community of spiritual soul sisters in the world with thousands of members.. Value: Priceless

Total Value: $5,000+

However, because I want to make this group accessible to the woman out there just getting started on her dharma and looking for community, I dropped the price down… drastically. 

Your Investment: Only $48.99/month
so you can commit to blossoming into your Highest Self

It's time for you to embody your full feminine power in your business, career and dharma.

Next live Expert Call with Daniela Gil happening in:


Have Questions?

Check out our FAQ page!

It’s time to be part of the Divine Feminine Mystery School your soul has been calling for.

  • Each month, you will have a deep intention based on what is actually occurring energetically through a live powerful Sacred Circle, including ritual, practices, song, dance and meditation.
  • By the end of the year, you will have accessed twelve divine feminine archetypes within yourself, fostering your relationship with your most obvious goddess connections and embodying those that may feel less familiar with you to come back into wholeness, as you are all of the goddesses in human form.  
  • You will have daily meditations, weekly workshops and transformative masterclasses to bring more peace, play, pleasure and presence into your life.
  • You’ll connect with fellow goddesses with likeminded interests, beliefs and energy in a global sisterhood, as well as making real-life friendships with those in your community.   
  • You can join a Dharma Support Circle, where you'll connect with a dedicated group of other conscious women that will hold space for you while you focus on living your dharma.
  • You have the opportunity to be highlighted, celebrated and supported in monthly shares, wins and collaborative opportunities.  
  • You will have a support system that you can fall back on to guide you through this entire journey of becoming your highest self.  
  • You will be inspired to live your dharma, soul's purpose.  

Embody your full feminine essence and live a life of ease, flow and abundance with the support of our community.

I'm Ready To Become a Rose Gold Goddess!