Explore five pillars of Divine Feminine wisdom in this Rose Gold Goddesses Challenge!

It’s time to tune into our divine feminine knowing so we can unlock the keys to achieve our full radiance.

The hustle-and-grind culture is on its way out.

And we are here to pave the golden path towards a new way of being – one that integrates the heart, womb, and Earth.

If you’ve been feeling the call to dive deeper into your intuition, expression, joy, embodiment, and pleasure... Then this brand-new 5 Day Rose Gold Goddesses Challenge is for you.

It will remind you of the sacred wisdom within your body and ignite an awakening to the dormant layers of your soul.

You will walk away from these 5 days with a little more sway in your hips, opening of your heart, softening of your jaw, and a bigger flame burning within you to live your dharma, your soul’s purpose.

This 5-Day Challenge will take you through the 5 Pillars of Rose Gold Goddesses, the divine feminine mystery school.

Each day you'll be given a deep dive into that pillar, including it's story and how to embody it into your life.

You'll also be given a practice such as a meditation, embodiment session, or journal prompt to experience its energy directly.

You'll then be given a prompt of the day with the choice to either share your own photo or share one of the quotes/ affirmations we share with you on Instagram with the hashtag #rosegoldgoddesschallenge to connect with other participants

The challenge takes place LIVE between Monday, August 16th until Friday, August 20th and it's absolutely free.

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