Welcome Home Sister.  

This is Rose Gold Goddesses.  

The exact sisterhood you’ve been calling in. This is YOUR supportive community, driven to help you deepen your connection with the goddesses and embody all aspects of your divinity.  

This is YOUR sacred sisterhood that will introduce you to the wisdom and magic of the goddesses, so you can FIND yourself in each of their archetypes.  

          Become a Rose Gold Goddess           

This community IS for you, my spiritual soul sista!  

I am offering you the OPPORTUNITY to build authentic connections with other goddesses in your community + around the world, forming lifelong friendships that are deep, intuitive, and natural.  

AND did I mention there just might be an app?  

Keep reading sister! This is MAGIC  

If you are ready to CHANGE your life. If you are ready to JOIN a strong sisterhood. If you CRAVE community, this is it. This is your sign.  

Calling in the Goddess Go-Getters, Ayurveda Lovers, Mystical Mamas, Manifesting Mavens, Yogi Queens, Good Witches and Intuitive Priestesses


          Become a Rose Gold Goddess           

Hi I’m Sahara Rose, creatrix of Rose Gold Goddesses  

I created Rose Gold Goddesses because I know how it feels to long for a connection.  

I yearned for a sisterhood of women to support me in my highest expression, and me theirs.  

I will be honest with you, I used to be REALLY lonely.  

As the new girl in a big city where I knew no one and also had no job to meet people (imagine moving from a hut in India/ Bali to the city of LA), I didn’t have a community that understood me. I didn’t have a sisterhood to support me. It was just me, myself, and my chakras.

It was eye opening to me.  

We all desire connection and friendship. But my desire went deeper. And I had no one to share my deepest thoughts with. I didn’t want a surface community. I wanted to dance and howl under the moon. I didn’t just want wine nights. Nope. I wanted to pull cards and discuss their meanings. I wanted to sit in a sister circle, creating elixirs and potions. I wanted a tribe of strong women. To explore, hike, pray, meditate. Join shamanic gatherings and yoga festivals. Twerk. Create with. I wanted a safe space, to explore the deepest parts of this divine journey. 

Does this sound like you? 

 Are you CRAVING connection with others who UNDERSTAND the world in ways that most do not?  

To be honest, it took me years to find my tribe. Even my boyfriend noticed I was completely friendless. My only friend was my work.  

But I went on a mission to go out there and find my soul sisters. As weird, awkward and often disappointing as the journey was, I went to meet-ups, networking events and conferences that made me sweat bullets just at the thought of entering and putting myself out there. But with each meet-up, if I found even ONE person I could REMOTELY connect with, I was happy.  

Little by little, I started to find a community that shared the same values as me, and there, I found my tribe.  

And once I found my sisters, let me tell you, life became SO much sweeter.  

I finally had my girls I could share anything with, who had my back 100% and I had theirs.  

We can text each other about a boss career move, or a new tantric experience, or a pivotal conversation with our parent, or a life epiphany we had, and be fully received, supported and celebrated.  

There is NO feeling like being supported by a tribe of women. 

Look the truth is, as a top podcast host, best-selling author, international speaker, modern mystic and social media activist, my life is busy.

But it is NEVER too busy to connect with my sisters.

Because that is what fuels me and fills me up. In fact, my tribe of high vibe women help me work BETTER. They add life to my creativity and fire to share this world of magic with you.  

Sisterhood is the ultimate experience of being seen and held, and it is an experience I want to share with others. You DESERVE this. You don’t have to walk a lonely path. Your next steps forward can be surrounded by the footsteps of strong, inspirational women. Right by your side. On your wavelength. On your level. This group will elevate your levels to heights you never thought possible. 

Does this sound like you?  

  • You love listening to Highest Self Podcast and long for girlfriends who also listen to discuss episodes with.  
  • You struggle with finding sisters who support and share your vision  
  • You long for a form of personal development that’s feminine, fun and engaging, without the rigidity of typical coaches  
  • You are trying to find your Dharma (life purpose) but are struggling without support and direction  
  • You long for a tribe of fellow queens who have your BACK  
  • You have so many questions about the spiritual path and nowhere to turn to  
  • You aren’t supported by family or friends because they don’t understand your spiritual journey  
  • You’ve sucked up all the free content out there but want something more personalized to help you reach the next level of your life, business, relationships and inner peace  
  • You soak up every new crystal, oracle card, yoga flow, and moon cycle with joy.  
  • You crave to meet-up with people in REAL life and have deep conversations about all the woo topics  
  • You don’t have the money for one-on-one coaching but want more support  
  • You’re drawn to the goddesses and would like to integrate their teachings into your life  
  • You’re ready to explore a new side of your self.  
  • You are the spiritual/ inspirational friend in your group of friends and are sick of being the only one motivating others to become their highest selves  

Is this you? ...well then, I am here to deliver some relief to YOU sister. 

You don’t have to live with ANY of that.  

Every single one of those things is SOLVABLE and you can turn your MESS into your MESSAGE and soon begin EMBODYING the person you were meant to be.  

I created Rose Gold Goddesses because it’s everything I wish I’d had when I was traveling on my spiritual path, lonely and confused. I knew that this beautiful community deserved a safe place to connect, create and step into their power. TOGETHER.  

I’m here to support you through the highs and lows, share with you my experiences and bring you together with your TRIBE that will have your back for lifetimes to come.  

I’m here to act as a bridge between the you *now* and your HIGHEST self.  

I want you to imagine a life in which….  

You are fully supported by your tribe. You have a group of likeminded women who understand you, have your back and want the best for you. No comparison, no competition, no judgement… ALL love and support.  

You have intuitive guidance. You are able to tap into your own intuition to answer any questions that arise, steering you away from negative situations that don’t serve your highest potential.  

You embody the Goddess that you truly are. No more playing small, minimizing your worth or letting people take advantage of you. You have fully stepped into the Goddess that you are and embody the radiance, strength, sensuality, playfulness, fierceness, abundance and beauty that you truly are.  

You’re a Manifesting Machine. You wake up each morning living the EXACT life that you chose. You have time for your self-care and creativity. You are doing work that MATTERS in society. You are using all your gifts, every single day. You have the abundance to support the life of your dreams. You have the career, house, friends, man, etc... but most importantly, you have a deep connection with your soul and inner purpose that fulfills you more than any material possession.  

You Are Blissed The F Out. You spend your weekends ecstatic dancing, sitting in cacao ceremonies, attending sound-baths and meditating with your new sisters. You have a tribe of women who you can laugh and moon circle and yoga with. You have fully stepped into your WORTH and life has drastically changed for you. You have up-leveled in all areas of your life, from career to friendships to financials to relationships to self-care to health to creativity.  

All because you said YES to yourself.  

We are living in a time of a loneliness epidemic.

In fact, recent studies have shown loneliness kills more than smoking 15 cigarettes per day!  

Over 60% of Americans (including married ones) consider themselves lonely, meaning that they don’t have a single person to talk to about their life. This is a massive crisis.  

And this is why I am so passionate about Rose Gold Goddesses.  

This collective celebrates the goddess in each and every one of us, bringing sisters in full support of embodying our highest expressions.  

You will have a gang of Goddesses you can call on to support you along your journey.  

If just reading these words gets you lit up, then you are in the right place, dear one.

I am so excited to connect you with your new best friends, the women who will have your back for lifetimes to come.  

And I am so excited to have you in my life as well.  

This is a collective, a team, a sisterhood.  

We’re going to dance, ritual, picnic, yoga, sound-bath, meditate, pray, write, dream and so much more.  

But most importantly, we’re going to support each other on the path to becoming our highest expressions. Because that’s what sisterhood is all about.  

I am deeply honored to have you here and welcome you as a Rose Gold Goddess.  

Love, Sahara Rose @iamsahararose Host of the Highest Self Podcast, Best-Selling Ayurveda Author 

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And I have even MORE to offer you, queen! 

We will be connecting on our very own APP! NO Facebook groups, random private chat groups, or fifty emails to follow.  

But we WILL HAVE Geo Location options so you can find a soul sister near you.  

And don’t forget about the high vibe forums that will directly connect you with the people and topics YOU care about, from Ayurveda to shamanism to moon cycles to magic.  

Imagine Instagram without the likes/ comments/ comparison, WITH all the support, love and community!  

Oh and don’t let me forget….  

Each month, a goddess will be channeled whose energies we will explore, ritualize and embody.  

We will be working with goddesses from the Vedic, Egyptian, Celtic, Yoruba, Roman, Greek, Persian, Mayan and other lineages, giving you a well-versed understanding of multi-cultural goddess archetypes.  

You will dive into your creative Saraswati

Your magical Isis  

Your powerful Durga

Your liberated Yemaya  

Your abundant Lakshmi

Your dancing Hathor

Your sensual Lalita

Your loving Venus

Your cosmic Bhuvaneshvari

Your fertile Oshun

Your transcendent Chinnamasta

Your feminine Aphrodite

Your devoted Sita

Your fierce Athena

Your motherly Ana

Your healing Ahurani 

and many more goddesses throughout the year.

Each month, the channeled goddess will find her way in your life, blessing you with her sacred medicine.  

You will have a deeper understanding and connection to the most ancient archetypes that live on within us today and tools in your toolkit that will stay with you for the rest of your life.  

By the end of the year, you will have experienced twelve new archetypes within yourself, strengthening your most powerful goddess connections and making friends with the ones that may not come as naturally to you. You will explore the deepest parts of your soul, find honesty in your intentions and elevate your spirituality. 

What if I told you that you WILL have a deeper understanding and connection to the most ancient archetypes that live on within us today and tools in your toolkit that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

We will also be accompanying our journey with my new A Yogic Path oracle card deck, which dives into the stories, magic and medicine of ancient Vedic goddesses and spirituality.  

Ready to change your life? 

Get READY for the Monthly Goddess Guide  

Each month you’ll receive a PDF with information and resources about each goddess, including meditations, Spotify playlists, resources, recipes, journaling prompts, mantras, practices, yoga flows, and more.  

Global Sisterhood  

You’ll be part of a sisterhood that spans the globe, facilitating connections with your fellow goddesses who live nearby.  

You can only go as far as your tribe.  

It’s Time to Be Celebrated and Supported  

You’ll have the opportunity to be spotlighted to the entire community and share your business, passion or project!  

Each month, we will be highlighting your wins, businesses, books and ventures, offering you the opportunity to be displayed to thousands of women—who have your back and are ready to support you!

Make Real Life Genuine Friendships with People who GET IT

You’ll be invited and given FREE access to the member-only Rose Gold Goddess Launch Parties, where you can socialize, dance and sip elixirs with your fellow sisters while I DJ sacred beats for you!  

I will also host live events which you will have first access to, including goddess circles, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance parties, beach clean-ups and more.  

I will also have optional Goddess Circle Facilitator Trainings where I will teach you to host your own Goddess circles and feature you as a Certified Goddess Circle Facilitator on the platform so you can become a leader in your own community.  

Vault of Transcribed Highest Self Podcast Solocasts Ever listen to an episode and wish your hands could move fast enough to write everything down? Well, now you won’t have to frantically take notes! You can sit and enjoy the episodes, knowing that you will receive all the solocasts TRANSCRIBED for your reading pleasure after the episode! Now you can always refer back when you need some inspiration!  

How It Works

Monthly Virtual Goddess Circles  

Each month, we will sit in virtual circle via a live webinar, sharing space with our sisters across the planet, coming together to bring our shared energies into union.  

We will begin with a meditation to bring forth the goddess’ energy within us and discuss her story, wisdom, medicine and the role she plays in our lives.  

We will dive into ways we can further embody her energy and bring her medicine forth in our lives.

We will also be pulling monthly cards from A Yogic Path oracle deck to see how its medicine accompanies the goddess of the month to elevate us to our highest evolvement. 

Monthly Goddess Guide

After the webinar, you will receive a monthly Goddess Guide containing:

  • Practices
  • Rituals
  • Yoga poses
  • Meditations
  • Music 
  • Mantras
  • Mudras
  • Foods
  • Dances
  • Activities 
  • And/or journaling prompts  

to deepen your relationship with each channeled goddess. 

Members Only Social Network

You will be invited to join the exclusive Members Only Rose Gold Goddess Social Network to connect with your fellow sisters, arrange meet-ups, discuss important topics and share how you worked with that month’s goddess. This app has geolocation services so you can see who is near you and meet up in real life. It also has forums on the topics YOU care about, from Ayurveda to shamanism to moon cycles to magic.

Exclusive Live Events, Meet-Ups and Goddess Circles

You will have the option to join us in exclusive Rose Gold Goddess Events across the world, connecting with your sisters in person at goddess circles, cacao ceremonies, sound baths, ecstatic dance, silent beach discoes, park meditations, organic cuisine, live A Yogic Path oracle readings and grooving to sacred goddess tribal beats. *Rates may apply to certain events.* 

Rose Gold Goddess Roadmap Video Series

I’ve recorded an entire video series, teaching you step-by-step how to work with the Goddess. You’ll have access to it as soon as you join!

Off-the-cuff conversations  

I share honest and real-talk monthly videos and podcasts about what I am working through, so you can see what it’s like to grow a conscious business from an insider perspective. 

Opportunity to become a Goddess Circle Facilitator and lead Goddess circles in your city  

Become a leader in your community and host your own Goddess circles, bringing women together to share wisdom, dance, elixirs and support!  

Surprise Expert Guests

I’ll be inviting experts on to share their Goddess wisdom with us so you can learn the perspective of a myriad of powerful women working with the Goddess. Guests include many of your favorite interviews on Highest Self Podcast—it’s like bonus podcast episodes, dedicated specifically to the Goddess!

Monthly Goddess Spotlight

Be spotlighted to the entire community for your business/ project so we can celebrate your success 

First Access to Upcoming Events, Masterminds, Programs, VIP Days, Retreats, Books and More  

You will officially be part of my inner circle and have first dibs on ANY of my offerings, including events, masterminds, live and online programs, exclusive VIP days, weekend retreats and my latest books.

Bonus: Invitation to the Exclusive Rose Gold Goddesses Launch Parties  

You are invited to come celebrate and dance with me and meet your fellow Goddess sisters in person at the Rose Gold Goddesses Launch Parties, where I’ll be your DJ for an epic night of mingling, fun, elixirs and dancing! I can’t wait to meet you there! 

Let’s Talk Money Honey

Most other groups offering similar support are $99+ a month.  

I wanted to create something that was accessible to all who genuinely have an interest in diving into the goddess work and being part of this community.  

I remember being in my early 20s, wishing I had a community, but not being able to afford any coaching or online programs because most offerings cost thousands of dollars.  

For this reason, despite this community being so incredibly valuable that I could easily charge hundreds of dollars per month, I want to make this group available for womxn out there, just like me, longing for support but unable to financially afford a coach or online program.  

This is why I’ve made Rose Gold Goddess accessible to ALL who genuinely want to join. True enlightenment, purpose, community and growth shouldn’t have a high price tag. 


Members Only Social Network to connect with other goddesses with geolocation services, direct messaging and forum topics

Full, instant access to Rose Gold Goddesses and Goddess Roadmap video series. (Over $1000 value)

Monthly live virtual Goddess Circles (Over $1000 value)

Goddess Guide delivered monthly with meditations, music and other resources (Over $250 value)

Exclusive Access to the Exclusive Rose Gold Goddess Launch Parties (Value of $150)

Invitation to Exclusive Events, Workshops + Masterclasses (Value: $1000+)

Vault of Transcribed Highest Self Podcast Solocasts (Value of $1200)

Surprise Expert Guest Workshops + Interviews (Value of $1500)

Off the cuff conversations around entrepreneurship, spirituality and personal growth topics I’m personally going through that can benefit you (Value of $2000)

Opportunity to become a Certified Goddess Circle Facilitator and be featured in the platform to lead circles in your city (Value of $200)

Resources, PDFs and guides on the Goddesses and related topics

Monthly Goddess Spotlight: Be featured to the entire community and share your business, passion or project to thousands of women—who are ready to support and uplift you! (Over $2000 value, if you paid a publicist)

Opportunity to share YOUR medicine with the Goddess collective in live events such as yoga classes, sister circles, workshops, sound-baths, etc. (Infinite value-- Potential clients, profits, speaking engagements and more)

Part of a lifelong community of goddesses who 100% have your back! (Priceless)  

Value = $7000+

However, because I want to make this group accessible to the woman out there just getting started on her dharma and looking for community, I dropped the price down… drastically.  


I am opening doors this week only to create a community of women who are truly in it for the long-run. 

As a special offer for my OG’s, you will receive the Founding Member rate of only

$19.16/month for annual membership or $29.99/month for month-to-month

with free cancellation anytime.  

You will not be able to join after this launch week unless I open doors again in 2020, which will be at a much higher cost.  

That's $19.99 a month for annual membership (Less than the cost of a meal out for community, eternal wisdom, videos, support and soul expansive growth!)  

After we close doors, you will not be able to join this community. 

If you are all about it, join for the annual rate to receive $120 off annually, plus my free Sahara's 3-Day Kitchari Cleanse E-Book  

If you just want to dip your toe in the water, sign up for month-to-month now and you can cancel anytime. Your rate is locked in for the rest of the year.

Sign Up Now For An Annual Plan For The Best Deal

Would you pay $19 to meet a new best friend each month? Would you pay $19 to be continually supported by a sisterhood of women? Would you pay $19 for more ritual, ceremony and spirituality in your life? Would you pay $19 to embody the goddesses you are? Would you pay $19 to become your highest self?  

I sure hope so, sisterqueen! (Because you are worth a LOT more than that!) 

I want this to be a no-brainer for the RIGHT person to join this community.  

If you’ve been craving a tribe, a community and deeper knowledge about all things spirituality, this group is MADE for you. 

You are receiving: 

  • The Monthly Goddess Circle Webinar
  • Monthly Goddess Guide
  • Member’s Only Social Network
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Rose Gold Goddess Roadmap Video Series
  • Expert Interviews and Workshops
  • Off-the-cuff conversations
  • And most importantly, access to a global COMMUNITY where your BEST FRIENDS are awaiting you  

for as little as $19.99 a month (less than the price of a meal out!)  

This is a community of women who genuinely support each other and have each other’s backs—not those who are joining just to promote themselves.  

This is a real sisterhood we are creating and I’m calling in people who are 100% invested—not just financially, but also energetically.

I’m calling all the real ones. Are you one of them?  

If you’re joining this community just to promote your products but not engage, this isn’t for you. There are plenty of other marketing platforms out there that will better suit your needs.  

If you’re joining because you truly want to be part of a global sisterhood that lifts the vibration of this planet, then HELL YES this is the group for you.  

If you genuinely want to participate in the webinars, implement the wisdom of the Goddesses, transform your life and connect with your sisters, then get your goddess butt in here!  

What Curent Members Are Already Saying!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Rose Gold Goddesses include? A: - Members Only Social Network to connect with goddesses from around the world with geolocating services, direct messaging and interactive forum - Monthly Virtual Goddess Circles, including meditation, discussion and activations for each monthly goddess. We will also be pulling a monthly card from A Yogic Path Deck to work with each month. - Monthly Goddess Guide, containing practices, rituals, meditations, yoga poses, music, mantras, mudras, foods, dances, activities and/or journaling prompts related to each month’s goddess. - Exclusive Access to Rose Gold Goddesses Launch Party where I’ll be DJing! - Invitation to Exclusive Events, Meet-Ups, Silent-Discoes, Cacao Ceremonies, Launch Parties, Ecstatic Dances, Yoga and Meditation Classes, Sound-baths, Breathwork and More - Full, instant access to Rose Gold Goddesses and Goddess Roadmap video series - Surprise Expert Guest Workshops + Interviews - Off the cuff conversations around entrepreneurship, spirituality and personal growth topics I’m personally going through that can benefit you - Vault of Transcribed Highest Self Podcast solocasts - Monthly Goddess Spotlight: Be featured to the entire community and share your business, passion or project to thousands of women—who are ready to support and uplift you! - Opportunity to become a Certified Goddess Circle Facilitator and be featured on the platform for women to experience your circles in real life. - First priority to my masterminds, programs, masterclasses, events and retreats - Resources by me, including recommended trainings and products - Part of a lifelong community of goddesses who 100% have your back! 

Q: Who is Rose Gold Goddess For? A: - The womxn who is ready to connect deeper with her inner goddess and explore the goddess archetypes within herself. - The womxn who is longing for a sacred sisterhood to connect with other queens across the world and in her community. - The womxn who supports, uplifts and raises others, who helps her fellow queens fix their crowns. - The womxn who believes the future is ancient and that we are here to raise the vibration of this planet. - The womxn of any ethnic, socioeconomic, religious or cultural background called to work with the goddesses. - The womxn who knows that she is magick. - The womxn who is ready to embody her highest self. 

Q: Who is it not for? A: - Male-identifying individuals (sorry we love you, but this group is for those who identify as female as we will be discussing tantra, sacred sexuality, yonis and more.) - Anyone who puts down others, shames, judges or criticizes - Anyone joining this group just to promote their business and not actually connect - Anyone with racist/ sexist/ homophobic/ xenophobic beliefs - Anyone using this group to promote a religious agenda  

*This is not a religious group. We discuss the goddess archetypes to explore our own relationships with them. We see each goddess as a reflection of who we are. All religious and non- religious womxn are welcome in this group, as religion will not be discussed. You can be a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu or Atheist and still benefit from working with the Goddesses, who actually predate modern religions.*

Q: Is this suitable for me if I don't live in the US? A: Absolutely! We have goddesses from around the world represented and the webinar replays, social network, goddess highlights, emails and PDFs are all online, so you can participate from anywhere!  

We plan to have activations in other countries as well and would love to link up with you to co-create a Rose Gold Goddesses event together! You can also plan a Rose Gold Goddess meet-up in your community, which we will totally share and support!

Q: What if I don’t know anything about the goddesses? A: You SO don’t need to—that’s what this community is about! I will be guiding you each month on how to connect with the goddesses so even if you’re totally knew to this world, you will learn SUPER quickly and embody them in SUCH a deeper way that reading a book could NEVER teach you.

Q: What if I am new to my spiritual path? A: Then RIGHT ON—you are about to speed-track your spiritual journey by instantly having the support of a community that has your back! I SO wish I had this community when I started my spiritual path—it would’ve prevented me LOTS of anxiety, stress, anger and loneliness! You are about to bypass lots of unnecessary suffering that comes with not being supported on your spiritual path by joining this community! 

Q: I just signed up, but have not received an email yet? A: Make sure you check your promotions and junk folders within your email account. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, please whitelist us so that we go directly into your inbox. That way you’ll never miss any incredible updates or news! :)

Q: What if I don't have time for this? A: Impossible! All of the happenings in Rose Gold Goddesses are at your own pace. There’s no mandatory meeting times or anything else obligatory. This isn’t school (well it’s sorta goddess school, but without all the rules!) This is the way of the feminine! Do as you wish and have FUN with it, boo!  

We schedule the live webinars at different times each month to make room for everyone, and we send out an email each month recapping all of the videos, PDFs, playlists, meditations and other resources.  

Don’t let something like TIME stop you from living in your magic NOW. 

Q: How do I know I'll fit in? A: We are a group of weirdos—you’ve come to the right place! The goddesses come from all walks of life, including age, ethnicity, background, etc—there is no ONE goddess as there is no one member of this community! In fact, that’s what it’s all about! If you’re interested in spirituality, goddesses and being your highest self, you will 100% fit in!

Q: What if I’m shy? A: Welcome to the introverted club! I totally consider myself an introvert too, and I would say many women in this group do too! We are the kinds of gals who prefer quality over quantity—we rather have deep connections with a few people then meaningless repetitive networking convos with tons of people.  

This is the kind of group where we go deep and talk about what matters. No sharing business cards or talking about the weather here! We are all in the same place, wanting true connections, so when you reach out to the ladies in this group, they’re all on the same page as you.

Q: What is your cancellation/ refund policy? A: For monthly memberships, you may cancel anytime. Just inform us that you would like to cancel 30 days prior to your next billing date in order to not be charged for that next billing period.  

For annual memberships, cancelling will stop your automatic renewal, however you will still retain access until the end of your 12-month period. You cannot be refunded for months you have signed up for the membership and not used the course. There is a 30-day refund policy on annual memberships. 

Q: How does billing work? A: If you choose to sign up with monthly payments, then your first payment will be due the day you sign up. After that, you will be billed every month on the day that you enrolled. If you chose the yearly payment, you will make a one-time payment and be set for the entire year (and receive a massive discount!) For annual memberships, you are billed for the year.

Q: What if I have a question that is not listed on this page? A: We would love to help you in any way we can. Please email support@rosegoldgoddesses.com with any general inquiries and payments@rosegoldgoddesses.com for all billing inquiries. We will get back to you ASAP with an answer!

It’s Time To Be Part of the Community You’ve Been Longing For Here’s a Quick Recap for my skimmers ;) 

  • Each month, you will have a deep intention, anchoring in your energetic connection with the goddesses through this group.
  • By the end of the year, you will have accessed twelve goddess archetypes within yourself, fostering your relationship with your most obvious goddess connections and embodying those that may feel less familiar with you to come back into wholeness, as you are all of the goddesses in human form.  
  • You’ll connect with fellow goddesses with likeminded interests, beliefs and energy in a global sisterhood, as well as making real-life friendships with those in your community.  
  • You will have the incredibly valuable resource of working with the Goddess archetypes, which will serve you for the rest of your life and will be passed down to your children, relatives and grandchildren.  
  • You have the opportunity to be highlighted, celebrated and supported in monthly shares, wins and collaborative opportunities.  
  • You will have a support system that you can fall back on to guide you through this entire journey of becoming your highest self.  
  • You will be inspired, motivated and encouraged to live the life of your dreams.  

DID YOU KNOW did you know you could write Rose Gold Goddesses off as a business expense? We will provide you with an invoice which you can submit to your tax accountant!

Become a Rose Gold Goddess Today Elevate your life. Find your sister tribe. Connect with the inner goddess within.