The Goddess chooses who she wants to work with and let’s be real..

You are hearing the call.

The fact that you have taken this quiz shows that she has been calling out to you and it’s time for you to incorporate the Goddess in your spiritual practice.

You are SO ready to bring divine feminine energy into your all areas of your life, from spiritual growth to abundance, to sensuality to empowerment to radiance to love and so much more.

And for this reason, I would like to extend a very special invitation to you, this week only..

You are invited to become
a member of

Rose Gold Goddesses...

Rose Gold Goddesses is a sacred sisterhood to initiate you into the wisdom and magic of the goddesses, so you can find yourself in each of their archetypes. You will connect with other goddesses in your community and around the world, forming lifelong friendships.

Hi I’'m
Sahara Rose

creatrix of Rose Gold Goddesses


I created Rose Gold Goddesses because of my own desire NEED to connect with other likeminded women who saw the world like I did.

I yearned for a sisterhood of women to support me in my highest expression, and me theirs.

And this is why I created Rose Gold Goddesses, which I’d like to invite you to join.


Each month, a goddess will be channeled whose energies we will explore, ritualize and embody.

By the end of the year, you will have accessed twelve new archetypes within yourself, strengthening your most powerful goddess connections and making friends with the ones that may not come as naturally to you.

You will have a deeper understanding and connection to the most ancient archetypes that live on within us today and tools in your toolkit that will stay with you for the rest of your life.