What is Rose Gold Goddesses?

Rose Gold Goddesses is the divine feminine mystery school for queens who believe the spiritual journey is meant to be fun! We love to dance, sing, create art and manifest the highest timeline for ourselves, our families and humanity. We are the most diverse spiritual community out there of every color, ethnicity, orientation and background who all carry a similar soul frequency – one that truly knows we are here to raise the vibration of the planet while enjoying life!

Our 5 pillars are embodiment, womb wisdom, intuition, expression and joy so if you resonate with these topics, you will find your sanctuary in Rose Gold Goddesses!

Every month we have a live virtual Goddess Circle with themes like Manifestation Rituals, Opening to Channel, Lucid Dreaming, Becoming Multi Orgasmic, Human Design, Healing the sister wound, Opening your throat chakra, Tuning into your most joyful timeline, Sacred poetry, and more taught by myself (Sahara Rose) and some of your fav Highest Self Podcast guests.
We also have monthly Ayurveda workshops, Member-led Workshops, Connection Calls, Yoga, Breathwork and more, with a library of hundreds of workshops available as soon as you join. You could spend the next 3 years every week doing a workshop and still have more to dive into!
Beyond that we are a heart-felt and soul-led community. The type of person you’ll meet in this community is truly unlike any you’ll find anywhere else. It’s a certain vibration of joy, enthusiasm, wisdom and love!
We have our own app that we are constantly having discussions in, from astrology to entrepreneurship to herbology to manifestation. We also have a platform for you to create your own Dharma Support Circles (masterminds to support your purpose) as well as a Share Your Gifts feature to share your offerings, practice coaching with each other or dive into intuitive readings!
Our members are all around the world and meet up to host their own Goddess Circles throughout the year. The friendships built here have turned into podcasts, businesses and true sisterhood.
We also gather once a year for our annual Rose Gold Goddesses Retreat where we truly create a Joy Portal that ripples out into the rest of our lives and the world. It truly is the most fun, connection and bliss we’ve EVER had.

We open doors just a few times a year and memberships are annual only because we take the community-building seriously. If you want to join for our next opening, add yourself to the waitlist and you’ll be notified when doors open again!

Our temple doors are currently closed

Join the waitlist below to be first to know when the opportunity to join our sacred mystery school opens again and check out our curriculum!

We can’t wait to see you inside!