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She is here on a mission to bring joy to the world. 

She is the embodiment of joy, always smiling, dancing and laughing. Her smile is infectious. Her energy lights up a room. People feel more joyful just being around her. 

You can spot a Joy Priestess because she has held onto her playful inner child energy in a way that most haven’t. She is the one cracking jokes, pulling out a board game, making a dance party out of anything. She doesn’t take life too seriously and that energy is magnetic. You may catch her listening to Abraham Hicks and getting into the vortex of appreciation to manifest her desires!

She is curious, always wanting to explore and carries a light hearted energy to her that makes you sometimes wonder “Is this even real?! How can someone be so full of light in a world that is so dark?!” But she is joyful because she’s been through the darkness and that’s made her realize the importance of prioritizing joy.

She inspires us to open up our hearts and see life from a new joyful lens. She shows us the beauty that is available all around us when we are just present enough to notice. She reminds us that  joy isn’t something that we have to earn, but rather is all always available for us. We just have to choose it. 

And she reminds us that there is so much to celebrate. She doesn’t wait for life to happen for her to celebrate, but she celebrates the little things- being alive, making it through a tough day, having friends and family. You never have to ask her twice to come on a celebratory trip, dinner or day-out and she’ll be the one bringing flowers, music games, art supplies and activities.

Her life is her celebration and she believes that fun is sacred energy. Joy is the whole purpose of the spiritual journey anyways!

She is a joy priestess bringing bliss, laughter and love to the world.

If you received the Joy Priestess archetype as a result of this quiz, it means that you are being guided to cultivate more joy as you connect deeper with your divine feminine energy.

Words of wisdom:

Know that the way you honor your joy inspires people to honor their own and how rare and needed your vibrant energy is.

Your Practice: Joy Codes Meditation

She is tapped in, attuned and receiving universal wisdom through her unique intuition. Her messages come through in receiving downloads- some that can’t quite be put into words because they’re so multilayered. 

You can spot an intuitive oracle because she is either closing her eyes and tapping in, sharing powerful downloads and goose-bump giving transmissions, or replenishing her own energetic field through meditation and breathwork. Plus she may have an oracle card deck or two, crystals and a pendulum on her 🙂

She is a unique combination of clairvoyant (seeing), claircognizant (knowing), clairsentient (feeling) and clairaudient (hearing). She once was afraid of these abilities but now is realizing it’s her superpower, here to usher in the new paradigm. 

She doesn’t instantly react but rather takes a moment to tune in and receive the answers from Source. She is most connected to her highest self when she is beyond the mind and in the flow of receiving inspiration. 

She notices the synchronicities around her and the universe’s language through signs, patterns, numbers and animals, pointing her in her highest direction. She knows she is in constant dialogue with her highest self and follows the signs.

She deeply trusts her intuitive guidance and sometimes makes decisions others don’t understand that don’t make sense to the outer world. She honors the voice within, even though it’s taken years to cultivate that level of trust because she’s been burned by overriding it in the past. 

People can feel her clarity and wisdom and come to her for advice (which is really intuitive guidance) because they can feel that she sees things within them that they cannot see within themselves. She is able to see someone’s highest potential and the blocks that are keeping them there, and guide them to connect to their fullest potential. 

She’s able to put together the pieces of the puzzle that no one else can and really bring forth downloads that help shift humanity. 

If you received the Intuitive Oracle archetype as a result of this quiz, it means that you are being called to trust in your intuition as you connect deeper with your divine feminine energy.

Words of wisdom:

Know that your intuitive shares can radically transform the lives of others and support them in connection with their own.

Your Practice: Automatic Writing

First, do something to clear your energy, such as take a shower, go on a walk, meditate, dance, chant or do some breathwork. You first must clear off any energetic debris you’re holding onto.

Then grab a journal and sit at a desk where you are not bothered by anyone. Play some meditative music (I love this), close your eyes, and connect with your breath. Call in your Highest Self to be present with you. Envision a white light surrounding you as you connect with her energy. Keep breathing until you feel a connection. For some, this may feel like a heart-opening, deep relaxation or excitement. Feel yourself guided by her.

Once you feel ready, begin a stream of consciousness writing as your Highest Self, channeling any words of wisdom she has for you. At first, you will feel like you are making it up and that’s perfect – your highest self is a part of YOU, not an outside entity, so it is coming from you! 

However, the more you practice, the more you’ll notice a difference between your ego and your Highest Self’s voice. She is more loving, compassionate, patient, and wise than the voice of your ego, who’s more of a problem-solver.

Let yourself write any messages, wisdom, advice, or praise your Highest Self has for you. Even if it doesn’t make sense or feels simple, keep writing. Write continuously for three full pages, minimum. It often takes the first page or two to even start getting the connection. The more you write, the more you’ll feel her come online.

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