Rose Gold Goddesses Circles
by Sahara Rose

Which Goddess or Feminine Archetype Speaks To You?


Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused with big decisions in your life and need more guidance?

Are you ready to finally learn how to tune into your intuition and receive the wisdom the lies within?

Are you ready to tap into your ability to channel your highest self and tune into the frequency of truth?

Then this Opening To Channel Circle is for you!


WOMB MEDICINE with Malaika Darville

Are you feeling called to honor and celebrate your womb the same way you would a Goddess?

Are you yearning to connect in sacred circle the way women once did, while tapping into your intuition?

Are you ready to release your inner wild woman and reclaim your power?

Then this Womb Medicine Circle is for you!


Are you ready to tap into your ability for more sacred receiving?

Are you yearning to have more energy flowing inward, and not just always expelling it outward? 

Are you ready to unlock your ability to create healthy boundaries and operate from a place of rest and ease?

Then this Hathor Goddess Circle is for you!


Are you yearning to embrace and connect with your womb space, your divine feminine house of intuition?

Are you ready to craving more flow, harmony, and abundance in your life?

Are you ready to help heal yourself through connecting with the healing wisdom of your womb?

Then this Four Womb Elements Goddess Circle is for you!


Are you ready to make this the year you step into your dharma and embody your fullest expression?

Are you calling in a reclamation of your energy and sovereignty so you can stop being distracted by the noise around you and make a true difference in the world?

Do you know deep down inside that your highest form of joy is your highest form of service, but need support on where to start?

Then this Goddess Green Tara Circle is for you!


Are you ready to tap into your divine feminine and explore your internal wisdom? Are you yearning to move from thinking to feeling? Are you calling in more creativity and sensuality to your everyday life? 

Are you ready to unlock your soul’s innate wisdom? Are you interested in learning how to immerse yourself in your own body express yourself fully

Then this Goddess Shakti Circle is for you!


Are you ready to tap into your magick and activate your powers to share with the rest of the world? Are you yearning to better understand your lineage and ancestral trauma? 

Are you calling in more inner wisdom and sacred knowing of your past and present? Are you ready to heal while also holding space for others to heal as well? Are you interested in learning the history and meaning of the witch?

Then this Goddess Cerridwen Circle is for you!


Are you feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed with the world around you Are you yearning to become more grounded, rooted and aligned? Are you calling in more authentic creation into your life? 

Are you ready to reconnect to your body, womb, heart and dharma? Are you interested in connecting to Earth and all that she has to offer?

Then this Goddess Gaia Circle is for you!


Are you yearning to connect deepest with your sacred womb wisdom?  Are you calling in more divine feminine essence into your life?

Are you ready for an integrated approach to spiritually that includes your WHOLE feminine self? Are you interested in womb mysteries, herbology, shamanic arts, menstrual phases, moon cycles and more?

Then this Goddess Ixchel Circle is for you!


Are you ready emerge as your most embodied, joyful and radiant self? Are you ready to live a life connectd to your heart?

Are you connecting to the wisdom of the oceans, mermaids and dolphins?

Then this Goddess Lemuria Circle is for you!


Are you ready to transform your life, elevate your spirituality and finally live in complete alignment with your soul? Are you ready to tap into your divine feminine and activate your innate magick?

Are you ready to transmute your shadows and embody your fullest expression Are you interested in Egyptian mythology and alchemy?

Then this Goddess Isis Circle is for you!


Are you ready to emerge from this quarantine in your fullest expression? Are you wanting to step further into your inner activist, but feeling overwhelmed?

Are you looking for your unique intersection of spirituality and activism? Are you feeling overwhelmed, sad, angry and confused by what’s happening in the world and wanting to channel it into love, action, social justice and joy?

Then this Goddess Sekhmet Circle is for you!


Are you ready to emerge from this quarantine in your fullest expression? Are you ready to “rebrand” who you are and step into your confident, unique radiance?

Does the distance between where you are now and what you see yourself as becoming feel extremely far? Are you ready to bridge that gap?

Then this Goddess Brigid Circle is for you!


Are you craving a deeper experience, to sit in ceremony with your sacred sisters, to liberate yourself from the expectation of others, regain touch with your divine feminine essence and finally understand the truth of who you are?

Then this Goddess Kali Ma Circle is for you!

Sneak Peaks of Goddess Circles


Want all of these circles and a dozen more, plus Sahara's e-courses, masterclasses, workshops and more?

Then come join us in Rose Gold Goddesses!

Learn More About Rose Gold Goddesses

Rose Gold Goddesses is a divine feminine mystery school by Sahara Rose honoring the Goddess within.

Each month, Sahara guides you to connecting to a unique Goddess archetype that lives inside you, from your wise Ixchel to your wild Kali to your purposeful Durga to your creative Saraswati to your sensual Lalita Sundari to your compassionate Quan Yin to your flowering Yemaya.

Each of the Goddess circles contains practices, rituals, meditations, journal prompts and 2+ hours of educational content to support + guide you on your path towards embodiment, joy + expression.

All circles + over a dozen more are included in your Rose Gold Goddesses membership, plus Sahara's other best-selling online courses

including Healing + Embodiment Through Dance, Discover Your Dharma 10-Day Course, Awaken Your Powers with Shaman Durek, Sensual Money Magic with Alexandra Roxo and more.

Each month we have monthly experts (top spiritual experts in their field, featured on Sahara’s Highest Self Podcast), such as cacao ceremonies, Akashic record reading, rituals, magick, shamanism, breathwork, water rituals, lunar abundance, reading your own Vedic astrology and so much more.

We also have member-led workshops on topics such as conscious entrepreneurship, abundance, channeling, past lives, karma, astrology, human design, dance and many other topics!

Plus we are on our very own app with 2000 spiritual soul sisters!

About Sahara Rose

Sahara Rose is an ancient soul in a modern body. She has been called “a leading voice for the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift” by Deepak Chopra, who wrote the foreword of her books. She is the best-selling author of Eat Feel Fresh, Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda, A Yogic Path and the upcoming Discover Your Dharma. She also hosts the Highest Self Podcast, the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes with over 16 million downloads.

Sahara is the founder of Rose Gold Goddesses, the sacred sisterhood collective all about embodying the goddess within, with over 2000 worldwide members. 

She is a keynote speaker, speaking on stages at Google and Facebook, as well as being featured as the nutrition speaker for Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign at Harvard Medical School and in Vogue, Forbes, NBC and more.

Recently on the cover of the nationwide print magazine, Yoga Journal, Sahara Rose is on a mission to remind people of their highest selves so they can share their gifts with the world and raise the vibration of the planet. 

Sahara is known for making spiritual + Ayurvedic wisdom fun and relatable so it can serve the needs of today's people. She believes the key to spirituality is embodiment. When she's not writing books, recording podcasts or facilitating workshops, you can find her dancing, DJing and drumming.