Rose Gold Goddesses

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bySahara Rose

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Embodiment Queen

Womb Whisperer

Intuitive Oracle


Joy Priestess

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Rose Gold Goddess Archetype

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Rose Gold Goddess Archetype

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When do you feel the most in flow?

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What matters to you most?

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If you could choose one practice, which would it be?

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If someone knows you well, they’d get you this gift:

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People come to you when they desire:

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When making decisions, what do you tune into?

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When do you feel most yourself?

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Which chakras are you most connected to?

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What is a Rose Gold Goddess?

A Rose Gold Goddess is a queen who is in touch with her soul.

She honors her joy as much as she does her purpose.

She is aligned with her intuition and channels it into expression.

She is empowered in her womb wisdom and

births her creativity out into the world.

She knows the spiritual journey begins with

embodiment and that laughter is the highest form of prayer

Get To Know The:

Rose Gold Goddess Archetypes

We are all of these archetypes in various amounts. To take this quiz, choose the answer that feels most resonant for you at this time. We will show you the unique combination you carry of each!