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She feels. She moves. She trusts her body’s wisdom. She dances. She’s deeply connected to her nervous system. She practices yoga, self care. She deeply cares about what she puts into her vessel because that creates the quality of her energy and thoughts, which she is very intentional about.

You can always spot the embodied queen from a mile away. She’s the one dancing freely on the ecstatic dance floor, who’s deep in her yoga practice, who is massaging her body, who knows a great deal about the psoas and nervous system. To her, the body is the ultimate muse.

She’s deeply tuned into her body’s needs and is able to speak its language. She can feel truth deep within her bones and is able to connect to her body’s intuitive wisdom to receive its answers. She may naturally be drawn to body work, holistic healing, fitness, pilates, yoga and dance.

She feels out of alignment when her body is not thriving. She knows the energy that she puts into her movement practice, her self care, her nutrition, the herbs that she takes, will exponentially give her back that energy.

The embodied queen has a certain way of moving. She is deeply connected to her hips, her limbs, her gut. She moves with the drum beat of the earth. As soon as music plays, you will find her moving. You’ll find her stretching at the airport. You’ll find her shaking her hips to release tension. Her gut instincts are always on point.

She feels her most aligned self when she is in motion. She takes time to allow her body to freely move to tune into its answers, which go beyond the mind.

The embodied queen can feel when her nervous system is out of alignment and brings forth peace, calm and healing to allow her body to feel safe, nourished and creative. Whether it’s shamanic shaking, downward dog or peppermint essential oil, she always gives her body what it needs as it’s her greatest teacher.

If you received the Embodied Queen archetype as a result of this quiz, it means that you could benefit from bringing your attention to your body as you connect deeper with your divine feminine energy.

Words of wisdom:

Know that how deeply connected you are to your body inspires others to deeply connect with theirs.

Your Practice:

She is here to write, sing, speak, dance, create. Expression flows through her. She is here to share her truth with the world. She feels this deep call to let the outer world feel and experience her inner world. 

She takes obstacles that she overcomes and transmutes it into art. Her breakup becomes her poetry. Her pain becomes her purpose. Her loneliness becomes her song. Her confusion becomes her dance. She is in a constant state of expressing, allowing all things that she experiences become the masterpiece that she shares with others. 

You can spot an expressionista because they’ll be sharing their art on social media, going to creative workshops and taking time away from the world to tune into their inner creativity. They may always have a journal, canvas or guitar on them because inspiration can hit at any moment and they’re always open to being in the flow of it. 

She feels like her highest self when she’s deep in song, lost writing on her keyboard, speaking her heart, dancing her emotions, channeling poetry and creating what she’s here to bridge to Earth. Her throat and heart chakra are activated and she is here to give voice to what she feels in her heart.

She truly believes that creativity is the highest form of spirituality. She questions everything and doesn’t hold onto beliefs too tightly. This world is for her to observe and create art from. 

Everything she does, from the way she dresses to the way she speaks, to the way that she decorates her home, is a reflection of how she is on a soul level. She has a unique essence to her that you can feel in all that she creates. 

You’ll catch her expressing her visions, ideas and inner knowing and bringing her unique texture, flavor and essence out into the world. 

If you received the Expressionista archetype as a result of this quiz, it means that you are being called to let the outer world into your inner world through expression of yourself and your creations as you connect deeper with your divine feminine energy.

Words of wisdom:

Know that when you express your art, you inspire others to feel beyonds words and the mind and into a truly divine state.

Your Practice: Writing Meditation

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